2016 Toyota Land Cruiser Driving Impressions

The engine lets out a nice growl when you floor it and manually upshift the automatic transmission through the eight gears. That 381-horsepower V8 also makes 401 pound-feet of torque, which can open your eyes.
The steering feels numb because of its full-time four-wheel drive (50 percent front, 50 percent rear), and also loose, but it handles well for its size, and it’s happy enough on the road. There’s a limited amount of body roll in the turns, thanks to the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension that stiffens the front and rear anti-roll bars on the road and essentially disconnects them off the road. The KDS system is great on washboard dirt roads, but it’s a bit firm on highway big bumps and potholes, where you are reminded that your Land Cruiser is a truck.

Off road, you are reminded the Land Cruiser is a champ. It has an approach angle of 30 degrees, a low-range transfer case, traction control integrated with the stability control, and a locking center differential that can swing 70 percent of the power to the rear wheels, as determined by electronics. The rear suspension allows up to 9.5 inches of travel to get the wheels over rocks and logs.

Hill descent control helps going down steep, muddy trails, hill start assist is useful when stopped at a traffic light in San Francisco. Crawl control sets the throttle and applies the brakes according to one of five settings the driver makes for rocks, mud, sand, or snow. Finally there’s Off-Road Turn Assist, which pulses the rear brakes to help the heavy Land Cruiser take sharp turns on rugged terrain.

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